Who was this Anthony Quinn? And why does the bay carry his name?

These are two of the common questions tourists might ask themselves. But what they should really ask themselves is why should I go to a bay in high season that is mostly over-crowded.

The answer is simple enough:

Anthony Quinn Bay is the most beautiful bay on the island of Rhodes. With its crystal clear, deep turquoise water you do not need goggles to see little fish swimming, mussels and shells hanging on rocks or simply the bottom of the sea. In the early hours of the day you will be amazed by the light which is kissing your skin gently and the quietness and idyll that awaits you there.

I know that vacation for most people means: late nights, to lie in, late breakfast, relaxing at the beach and simply doing nothing. Take my advice and break these rules on of these vacation days. Rise up early, pack up your breakfast and make your way down to Anthony Quinn Bay. Sit on the rocks and take in the view. Breathe in the clean sea air and let the first sunrays tickle your skin. This day could not start any better and relaxed.

Now to answer the above two questions: Anthony Quinn played a major role in the movie Canons of Navarone in 1961, which was partially filmed in the bay, and it is said that he either purchased some land or was given it as a present after the movie was finished.

Now, set your alarm for before sunrise, take your beloved one and enjoy an early morning at Anthony Quinn Bay.

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