A day like no other.

We did not know what expected us when we decided to spend the morning at the Ostrich Farm. All we wanted was to spend a nice day with mums and kids.

We were greeted by a lovely young man at the gate, where we paid the entrance fee – children 0 – 3 years of age are free. And a beautiful experience started.

The “Farma of Rhodes” is a family run animal farm, which has been renovated very nicely over the past couple of years. It is the perfect alternative for people of every age because let’s be honest – who would like to go home after a holiday and admit that they have not experienced the island at all since they spent every minute of their time at the beach doing nothing…

If you have some apple or pear at home, bring them along as all the animals in this farm you are allowed to feed. It is a very special experience for any child to feed an ostrich or a dromedary for the first and maybe only time in their life.

Standing in front of the ostriches the young caretaker stunned us by being able to tell the animals apart. Each has a name and apparently they all look different. Well, I must admit I was not even able to tell male from female 😀

Further down we flirted with donkeys, kneeled down to pet the mini goats and watched how peaceful the deer was eating their morning snack. All the way the pine trees were protecting us from the strong sunlight and the heat, making this place a destination also on hot summer days like today.

At the moment they are building a big space for their Lemurs. In three weeks from now they would like to open it to tourists. Have you ever had a Lemur sitting on your should nibbling your ear? Maybe it is time you make your way into the heart of the island to visit the “Farma of Rhodes” then…

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